After long hours of serious matters, it is always nice to unwind a little. Discover the variety of entertainment that Indonesia offers you.


Up for something historical? Indonesia is definitely the right place. With long history stated from centuries ago, Indonesia always has something more to tell you. Visit our museums, historic building, and of course, do not miss Borobudur Temple. Mesmerize yourself by exploring this heritage of the world built in 9th century.


Imagine yourself riding the waves on the sapphire-blue ocean or sky-diving above the cotton-like clouds. Imagine yourself go inside a forest and see the wildlife with your own eyes. Make them a reality. Witness the beauty of Indonesia from above and below and let it leave a lasting impression in your mind.


Some people talk in a loud voice, others speak softly. Some buildings reflect the ancient belief, some premises are modern skyscraper. Some food is served on banana leaf, others are plated in rattan basket. Discover the uniqueness of each city with every step you take.