Integrating the Wonders

The Destinations Sneak Peek


Serves as the capital as well as the biggest city of the nation, Jakarta is well known for its vibe and vivacity. This city lies at the western point of Island of Java and can be easily reached by plane, ship, train, and car.
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Situated between the Island of Java and Lombok, the Island of Bali has been a major tourist attraction for decades. It is well-known for its sandy beaches where many tourists sunbathe and surf.
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Medan is located on the northeastern point of Sumatera. It serves as the capital city of North Sumatra Province. This city can be easily reached by air, sea, and road.Being the largest settlement outside the Island of Java, Medan is best known for its trade and mixed culture of many ethnicities.
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This small cultural city has a nickname of Kota Pelajar or The City of Students as many young people come to study here. This is the home for one of the most well-established universities in Indonesia, The University of Gadjah Mada.
Not only established for students, Yogya is also now ready to host your MICE events with cutting-edge venues fully integrated with the latest technology.


Laid strategically at Makassar Strait, Makassar is the largest settlement and the primary port city in the Island of Sulawesi. The city also serves as the capital of South Sulawesi Province. Growing fast in tourism, Makassar is now also ready to be your MICE events host.
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Gaining its name from the combination of sura (shark) and buaya (crocodile), Surabaya is the capital city of East Java Province. The city's growth in infrastructure development has been remarkable and it never stops giving you the latest advancement in business sector.
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Many excellent universities are established in Bandung, making this city compact of young people from diverse areas of Indonesia. With high population of Generation Y and iGeneration, Bandung is leading in technology and telecommunication sectors as well as creative industries.
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