Spread as far as 5,120 km from east to west, Indonesia comprises of five major islands and hundreds of small islands making this country rich in culture and tradition. Culture, cuisine, weather, and people differ greatly from the westernmost to the easternmost point. Discover our unique diversity in each island that will make your trip unforgettable one.


Sumatra is the 6th largest island in the world and home to eight provinces. This island is famous with its vast palm plantation and native animals such as tiger and elephants. With such rich natural resources, people are attracted to come here to do business or simply vacation. Now Sumatra is not only ready to be a leisure destination, but it is also excited to host your meeting events. The major city, Medan, has been equipped with venues that will fulfill your meeting necessities with the excellent services and latest technology.


People might associate the name with a type of coffee or programming language. But here in this country, Java is the busiest, most developed, and vivacious island. This is also the seat of the central government with Jakarta serves as the capital of the country. Comprises of four provinces, Java is also the home of four meeting industry cities namely Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya. Upon visiting this island, enjoy the modern atmosphere of the hustling bustling cities. Facilities such as convention centers, hotels, wide highways, and numerous choices of transportation are easy to be found. All are equipped with the latest technology to make certain that your events will not be much affected by glitches.


It's impossible to miss Bali when we talk about Indonesia. As a place that has a strong Hindu root, the reflection of their religion can be seen in daily activities as well as ceremonies and festivals. Despite this, Bali has a high level of tolerance and they welcome foreign tourists and people warmheartedly. Bali has been a number one tourist destination, not only for leisure, but also for business. Many conferences and exhibitions are held in Bali due to its magnificent atmosphere. It is common to see that convention centers and tourist attractions are located side by side, making your business affairs full of lasting impressive memories.


Another island that should not be forgotten from Indonesia is Kalimantan, which has five provinces. Different from the other islands that has busy city atmosphere, Kalimantan is more famous to its traditional and close to the earth background. Sharing its land with Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam, Kalimantan is known for its lush forests and the traditional tribes. Most of the people still live in high wooden house called rumah panggung where they have farm animals below the house. Some even still live in the forest, side by side by the nature. Talking about the nature and its people traditional way of life, do not miss the local floating markets when you are in this island. Here, the sellers put their harvest in a small boat, waiting for the people to come and buy. Fresh vegetables and seafood are all provided in affordable prices. Another point to remember from Kalimantan is its dense forests, oftentimes called as the lungs of the world. This forest is home to endangered wildlife as well as plants. Having the picturesque natural beauty accompanied with traditional native life style, Borneo is preparing to be your choice for leisure and business trips.


Sulawesi, which is also the major island in Indonesia, is located next to Kalimantan and comprises of six provinces. This island has many marine parks, with the famous ones are Bunaken and Wakatobi. Those who love sea life will find this place fascinating. In addition to that Sulawesi also has national parks which shelter the signature flora and fauna. This is a perfect destination for those who love to explore nature and experience the city atmosphere at the same time. This island is not only prepared for leisure activities, but it is also up for your business matters. With Makassar as the major MICE city, Sulawesi is ready to compete with other places to be your first choice for events. The convention centers in this port city is as vast and modern as the ones in other big cities. With advanced technology that enables you to connect to your overseas partners and the excellent service we are eager to provide, Sulawesi is one of the ideal choices to present your important business affairs.


The last but not the least important area in the territory of Indonesia is Papua, the easternmost island which is famous for its tribes and natural beauty. The people here live side by side with the nature and are known for their traditional customs. People are usually attracted to find out the genuine lifestyle of the tribes as well as the national parks which are also the habitat of distinctive animals and plants. Currently visited for vacation only, Papua is preparing itself to be ready as one of MICE cities in the future.

With much diversity, each province offers its own uniqueness and gems. Not only we are ready for leisure, but we are confident to provide you the best venues and infrastructure to cater your business events.