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WELCOME TO INACEB (INDONESIA CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION BUREAU) - Integrating the Wonders - Industry Partnership Prospectus


Serves as the capital as well as the biggest city of the nation, Jakarta is well known for its vibe and vivacity. This city lies at the western point of Island of Java and can be easily reached by plane, ship, train, and car.
Surrounded by high rise office buildings with their glimmering lights at night, it is easy to recognize Jakarta as the business hub of the country. This city also serves as home of information technology, financial, and heavy industry sector. Presenting your events here will surely guarantee a brilliant success as Jakarta provides you sophisticated venue fully integrated with the infrastructure that makes your events glide smoothly.

Serving as the capital city of the nation, Jakarta welcomes you with complete facilities and services. As many as 32 international airlines fly the passengers directly at the gate of Indonesia, The Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, awarded as the 8th busiest airport in the world and the 4th world's most improved airport.
​ Once you have arrived, worry not where you have to rest. Jakarta is equipped with 35.000+ hotel rooms, all are ready to ensure that you have a comfortable sleep before your important events on the next day.
Your business events will surely need a venue with great flexibility. Jakarta has a great range of venues that can match any size of your events. The convention centers can hold up to 36.000 delegates with 100.000.000 square meter exhibition space.
When you are finished with the serious matters, it is time to explore the city. There are many attractions in Jakarta to see, enjoy, and experience. Stroll down the heart of the capital and visit the historic buildings such as National Monument or Fatahillah Museum. Learn also about this beautiful archipelago by going to Indonesia Miniature Park where you can go inside the traditional houses of all provinces of Indonesia. If you want to enjoy the azure sea and play in a sandy beach, visit The Thousand Island where you can relax under a warm sun. This is not to forget the 19 golf courses that are waiting for you to try your winning swing.
​Hungry after exploring the city? With 7.000 restaurants which are ready to serve you, indulge yourself in the herbs and spices of traditional Betawinese food. Taste how the herbs and spices, how the sweet and savory dishes melt in your mouth.
Find as well some souvenirs to bring home to your beloved ones. Explore all 85 shopping areas that present you an array of traditional, classic, and fashionable items.