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Laid strategically at Makassar Strait, Makassar is the largest settlement and the primary port city in the Island of Sulawesi. The city also serves as the capital of South Sulawesi Province.
Growing fast in tourism, Makassar is now also ready to be your MICE events host. Explore the grand venues integrated with the sophisticated technology and see how successful your events going to be.

Despite being located rather distant from the capital, there are 32 international airlines providing connecting flights from Jakarta to Makassar. In addition to this, five international direct flights can also take you here hassle-free. When you arrive in Makassar, enjoy the elegant and extensive design of Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport.
Balancing its rapid growth in tourism industry, Makassar now has numerous hotels and convention centers to cater your events. In the city itself, Makassar owns 12.000+ hotel rooms and the convention halls can hold 5.000 people maximum. With the exhibit space as spacious as 3.600 square meter, Makassar is more than prepared to welcome all delegates to hold their events here.
Designed to hold both national and international meeting, these venues provide you numerous rooms that can be matched flexibly to your events. It is equipped as well with the advanced technology to ensure that you can have the most attractive and successful business affairs. ​
Makassar is known to be a hot city with the temperature goes from 20-30°C due to its by-the-sea location. This coastal spot, however, also makes Makassar owns a strong marine industry. Apart from that, other industries that become a top notch in the city are tourism and mining sectors.
Because of the city's location, clean beautiful beach is easily found. It is a common view to see people gather or play around in Losari Beach in the afternoon, watching the sunset or simply walking in the sandy beach. Dig deeper into the city and you will find yourself in Tanjung Bira, where you can witness a turqouise sea water that changes color to dark blue once the water gets deeper.
Not only beaches, Makassar also offers you shopping areas where you can get the souvenirs and fashionable items for your beloved ones or yourself. Explore the markets and the malls to find the unique items that cannot be found in other areas of Indonesia.
When it comes to culinary, Makassar is one of the cuisine hubs. With numerous choices of traditional main courses and desserts, experience the fusion of herbs and spices of Makassar original meals cooked slowly to ensure all flavors blend deep inside the broth.