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Gaining its name from the combination of sura (shark) and buaya (crocodile), Surabaya is the capital city of East Java Province. The city's growth in infrastructure development has been remarkable and it never stops giving you the latest advancement in business sector.
Create a deep-rooted memory by holding your events in its spacious venues completed with the most leading technology.

Being the second largest settlement in Indonesia, Surabaya welcomes its visitors by air at Juanda International Airport. There are 46 international direct flights and 32 connecting flights from Jakarta that will take you to this coastal city in the Island of Java. Explore Surabaya once you leave the airport by using various transportations provided on the spot or online basis. When you are tired of your journey, the city provides 15.000+ hotel rooms avaliable in ranging prices and their own unique style.
As one of the oldest cities in Indonesia, Surabaya is accustomed to host international guests and events. Modern halls and high-tech gizmos are the benefits that you might expect from the venues prepared. Surabaya's largest ballroom is 2.225 square meter which can hold many seating types from cocktail, banquet, classroom, or theater style.
Surabaya is also well known for its established plantation, such as sugar, coffee, and tea, as well as shipping industry. Apart from that, many foreign investors perceive Surabaya as a great potential in rubber and plastic industries whereas the local players have interest in developing the communication sector.
Surabaya is ready to pamper you after long hours of meeting events. There are numerous tourist spots, culinary areas, and shopping centers.
As one of the cities that plays a major role in the independence of Indonesia, Surabaya has many historic tourist sites. The most notable one is Tugu Pahlawan or Monument of Heroes which stands as high as 41 m. Visit also the Surabaya Monument and Submarine Monument. Feel the heroic atmosphere of this city nicknamed Kota Pahlawan or City of Heroes.
When it comes to culinary, Surabaya has an array of delicious food, all are made from fresh ingredients and cooked at the time when you order. Taste the famous local delicacy such as tahu campur, sate klopo, and lontong balap. One scoop will guarantee to make you ask for more.
Exploring a city will be incomplete without shopping. Visit the traditional markets and plazas where you can find original spices, clothes in affordable price, and gadgetry.